Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just in case anyone is wondering....we made it through the Oklahoma storms just fine last night.  Just fine....IF you think 5 of us crammed into an under the stairs closet is fun.  But seriously, we're so thankful that it wasn't too bad and that we had no damage.

My middle child and her husband come over every Tuesday night to watch Biggest Loser with us.  Last night was the FINALE and also was Andrea's (middle child) 29th birthday.  Biggest Loser never came on because of all the weather warnings.  Not only that KJRH is NOT going to replay it.  They put it on their digital channel and on a different Cox cable channel but that doesn't do any of us Sattelite Dish people any good.  So we're mad at them.  We'll have to wait and watch it on our computer later.  So don't tell us who won.

Anyway, with them here and Aaron and Tim and me we were quite a spectacle in that closet.  One report said we had 80-90 mph straight line winds.  It came out of the south and was pounding our front door which sits back a ways under the porch.  It hardly ever gets wet.  When we "came out of the closet", Aaron walked into my sewing room and announced that it smelled like a wet dog in there.  And he was right.  The rain had beaten so hard that it came through the window seams.  Not much got wet so it was easy to clean up.  Then we discovered that the same thing happened in the garage.  It came through the seams of the garage door and Tim's car was very wet.

I don't know how our trees survived, but they did.  And most of the flowers looked pretty good, too.
This morning Tim told me that right before he got in the closet he could feel the house "pulsing".  I'm glad he kept that to himself last night.

I'm wondering if the quilt shops that I visited in Joplin 10 days ago survived.  The entire city is so sad.  Let's all keep them in our prayers.  They have a long ways to recovery.


Anonymous said...

My husband said, the Biggest Loser was suppose to air again this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Teresa - that was my husband Bob - Connie C

dianne said...

i am relieved to know that you and yours are okay ... why don't houses in Oklahoma have basements?!?

an old friend has family in Joplin - one of them works at the hospital that was pretty much destroyed - and they are okay ... scarey, scarey weather.

i won't spoil Biggest Loser for you (since i have NO idea who won) - i was flipping between Dancing With the Stars (Josh Groban sang Your Raise Me Up - i really, really love that song) and PBS's Electric Hands.

Carrie P. said...

OH, Teresa, I am so glad to hear you are alright. While we were in Bellville visiting my in laws the sirens went off 3 times. That was a first for me and it was a little scary.

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