Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Little Lighthouse Quilt and Garden Party

On April 30 a bunch of us attended The Little Lighthouse Garden Party.  It's an annual event to raise money for the school which is for children with disabilities.  It's a wonderful place and the event is always so touching.  We always go away from it teary eyed.  The kids learn so much that they can't get anywhere else in the Tulsa area. We first learned about it when our own little grandson Timothy was diagnosed as blind when he was an infant.  WELL...miracles later...Timothy sees well enough now to attend a regular school.  And I just want to jump up and down and try to help the others who can't see, walk, comprehend, etc.

Anyway, this is my 5th year to make a quilt for the silent auction.  Calista helped me this year and last year.  The first one was a group effort with my stitch group.

Here's the quilt.  And it was bought by good friend Crystal Grantham.  Here she is with her lovely daughters, Katherine and Julia.

Did I mention that this is a fancy affair with hats and dresses?

Here's the group that sat at my table, thanks to the generosity of my husband.  Included are his secretary Melissa , his former secretary Annette  and another lady from his work, Jessica; my two daughers, Calista and Andrea; my bff Leslie;
and Crystal, Katherine and Julia.  We had a wonderful brunch and a great time.  Lots of money was raised for The Little Lighthouse.  Notice some of us have stuffed animals.  Another part of the fund raiser.

While my hat is not as elaborate as Leslie's and Calista's I DO have my grandmother's brooch pinned in it!

Calista won the prize (potted plant) for the most creative hat.  She crocheted all the roses.  I was impressed since there were hundreds and hundreds of people there.
 I must end with the best part of the party.  Someone had donated a play house for the live auction.  It was huge. Something you would put in your back yard for your granddaughters (if you had any--I'm just sayin')  Tall enough for adults to stand up in.  It was pink with gingerbread decorations and copper on the roof.  It was no ordinary play house.  The value was placed at $10,000 and the crowd went wild when it was sold for $30,000!  I've never seen anything like it....until....a few minutes later it was announced that the person holding the winning bid had donated the house back to The Little Lighthouse for the kids!!!!  Then the crowd really went wild!  Imagine...in these tough economic times....there are still people out there doing great things for those who are disadvantaged!  What a blessing!


Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Oh, what a great post. Your quilt is lovely -- and such a great cause. And the donated playhouse just makes me smile.

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