Monday, May 16, 2011

Road Trip

I just got back (last night) from a trip to Missouri to see my youngest neice graduate from high school.  Since she was the last of my mom's grandchildren to accomplish this goal, I felt it would be proper for me to be there (besides, I WANTED to be there).  My mom was the first in her family to graduate from high school.

Dear husband was unable to make the trip with me so I roped Leslie into the idea.  It didn't take much to convince her since I promised a stop or two at a quilt shop.

The (normally) 6.5 hour trip stretched into about 10 hours and the couple of quilt shops turned into ---well, let's just say more than 2.

We've been to several of the shops along the beaten path--especially between Tulsa and Springfield, MO, so we decided to visit just the ones we hadn't seen before.   Here we are at Bittersweet Quilts south of Joplin, MO.  Very nice shop.

This one is in the heart of Joplin.  We enjoyed it, but the name DIDNOT fit the shop!  haha

This one is located in Lebanon, MO.  The ladies there were so friendly to us.

We basically shopped our way up Interstate 44.
This one is in Rolla, MO and is a yarn/fabric store. 
We arrived at my sister Greta's house Thursday evening.  I made Lora Beth a quilt (of course) for a graduation present.  Here's the label.  I also gave her my mom's senior class ring and she wore it to graduation.

Here's Lora Beth unfolding the quilt.  That's her boyfriend Adam with her.

And here it is....her not so PINK quilt.  I had started a quilt for her and when my sister was here in December I showed it to her.  It was mostly pink.  Turns out Lora Beth hates pink so my plans had to change.
I found this pattern in a magazine and decided to try my hand at 60 degree diamonds.  It was lots of fun to make and I'm very pleased with the outcome.  As was Lora Beth.
The next day Leslie and I took Lora Beth into town (they live out in the country) to buy a dress for graduation.  And shoes...very tall shoes....very tall shoes.  Okay.

 Very tall shoes.  Then that night was graduation.  It took place at my old alma mater--only in the new gym.  Sure brought back memories.  Wait, I don't think I remember much about it because it's been so long ago.  Lora Beth's mom was 5 months old and screamed through the entire ceremony so my mom had to sit out in the hall with her.  I behaved much nicer at Lora Beth's graduation than Greta did at mine.   I saw 2 classmates that I graduated with.  It was a lovely ceremony and we were all so proud of Lora Beth.

Afterwards, we drove back into town for an "after graduation dinner".  Here's Lora Beth with Adam.  Thanks Greta and Joe for dinner.

The next morning Leslie and I let Greta sleep in and we went to the cemetery to see my mom's gravestone.  It had been installed since I was there a year ago.   It was an emotional time for me.  We also visited Tim's mom's grave, but it was raining so hard I forgot to take a picture.  Notice the litle quilting lady on the lower right. 

We left the cemetery and forced Dolly to open her shop for us.  haha.  We didn't notice she wasn't open until we had opened the door and found her standing there cutting fabric.  She was very nice about opening up and we may have purchased some fabric from her.

Another trip to town to see my husband's step-dad and brother and to some ice cream.

We left early on Sunday and stopped in Springfield to see Tim's dad and step mom.  She has lovely flower beds.

Every where we looked in Missouri the peonies, roses and irises were blooming.

Linda also has a talent for cooking.  Baking to be exact--coconut cake to be specific.

 I'm exhausted from the trip.  But so glad I went.


Lista said...

Lovely pictures! Grandma's grave looks very nice with all the flowers. I'm glad you had Leslie and quilt shops to add some smiles to an emotional trip.

Vickie said...

Glad you and Leslie had a great time! The quilt is beautiful!!! I am sure she loved it!

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your stay and Lora Beth was so glad you were able to come to her graduation. And we ALL loved the quilt!

Anonymous said...

That was me on the post above this.

David said...

Are you sure we should admit to all those quilt shops?? Oh well, I guess our DH's don't regularly read the blog so we are safe. We'll have to take a pic of our hats and add it. Thanks for asking me to go with you, dear friend. It was my pleasure to be there for you, as you have done many times for me! love you

oknonnie said...

Oops, that wasn't David, obviously. I forgot to sign out of his account. my mistake...

Brooke said...

I really like the way Lora Beth's quilt turned out!

So glad you guys had a little quilter lady put on your Mom's headstone. I just think little things like that are so special ...