Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to All

This is my second Mother's Day without my mom and without Tim's mom.  It's hard.  But thankfully, we have wonderful kids who helped make my Mother's Day great.  They were all here (in addition to Leslie and David) for lunch.  The boys grilled hamburgers, chicken and shrimp and Calista made a most delicious caramel filled gigantic brownie. 

And then....they gave me a present:

The present--in a pretty box.

The present...out of the pretty box.  The beads on this bracelet are my kids' birth stones, plus a few extras.  They'll be able to add on to it so I'll eventually have the grandkids' stones and the sons-in-laws, too.  Maybe more grandkids someday, also.

And here's the most special gift--my wonderful kids and husband.

Now on to other things:  Leslie had two birthday parties--one at the Cotton Patch where we both work and one at my house with our stitch group.  So naturally, I had to make her 2 cards.  Here's the first one with the envelope.

The inside of the first one.

And the second one.

I finished another border for the hand applique project I've been working on.
Unfortunately, it seems that I've developed Tennis Elbow--at least that's what I'm hoping it is.
My doctor also tested me for Rheumatoid Arthritis since my mom had it and Lupus since my sister has it.
Hopefully, it will just be Tennis Elbow and I can lay off some of my sewing and get it well ( and I can take drugs, too--I'd rather do that than stop sewing)  But I have slacked off some, so this project may not get finished as quickly as I had hoped. 

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Barb said...

What a lovely family you have!!