Sunday, June 17, 2012

I decided at the last minute to enter this wallhanging in the "Other" category at last weekend's quilt show.  Leslie and I took the workshop from Candace Kenyon last year.  So I suggested she enter hers, too. 
Guess what!   She got the blue ribbon and I got the red!  I was so happy for her (and for me, too)!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best of Show

I really don't know what's wrong with my blog. I've try to post several times and can't get anywhere. So tonight I pull it up again and see that the picture of my quilt has posted. As you can see, I won "Best of Show" at the Quilt Tulsa 2012 Show. I am still floating on the clouds. But not too high.... As soon as the show was over I had one day to prepare for Tim's hip replacement surgery. It took place yesterday and I've been at the hospital most of the time. I spent the night last night, but decided I really needed to rest tonight so I came home. He's doing very well. He has experience since this is his second (different hips). He's strong and determined so I know he'll be well soon. He was up walking twice today with the physical therapist. The lady in the picture with me in the previous post is Donna Titsworth. She did the quilting. And what a fine job she did! Hopefully, I'll figure out how to correct the problem and be back soon. (probably when I have my son-in-law come over and show me what I'm doing wrong.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vacation, etc.

After what seemed like an eternity of sickness this past winter/spring, Tim and I managed to sneak in a 10 day vacation.  We decided to take it in the spring in anticipation of his hip replacement surgery coming up in a few days.  We knew he'd be down for a few weeks and wanted to spend some pleasant times together before the ordeal.  And a pleasant time it was!  We didn't have much of a plan and basically "flew by the seat of our pants" ( in his Dodge Challenger!--don't worry we didn't get any tickets).  We started out in Hot Springs, Arkansas with a mineral bath and massages.  From there we headed to Tennessee and enjoyed our time in the Smokey Mountain National Park.  We met up with old friends and went to "Dollywood" then headed to Ashville and toured the Biltmore Mansion (pictured above).  We ended with a school/family/church reunion in Missouri.

Then.....came home and promptly came down with bronchitis.  BOTH OF US!  I coughed so hard I cracked a rib and am still feeling the pain from that.

In the meantime, I'm getting ready for the "Quilt Tulsa 2012" show coming up next weekend, June 8 and 9.  I have all 4  entries ready except for a hanging sleeve on one.  I'll post pictures when I have someone to hold the quilts up for me.  Or maybe I'll just wait and take pictures when they're hanging in the show.
Come and join us if you're in the area.  It will be at the Tulsa Fairgrounds.  For more info go to :

Wish me luck!  I'm hoping for some ribbons.  Hope to see some of you there!