Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's Been Going on This Week

2 blog updates in one week. That just doesn't happen much anymore but since I'm learning how to blog with my IPad you might see me here more often (but probably not! haha).

We had a freeze last night here in northeastern Oklahoma. Last year we barely had any winter at all so after our long hot summer some of us are welcoming the cooler weather.

My hibiscus survived last night and my mums are beautiful again this year. I picked the rest of my miniature roses so I could enjoy them another week.

I had a birthday this week. Decades ago I loved cake (and I still do). I'm assuming my big brother did, too from the looks of these pictures of my first birthday. I haven't figured out how to put pictures in any particular order so I'm afraid you'll just have to sort that out yourself. If there is anyone out there blogging from an iPad who knows how to do that, please HELP ME!!

I started a new quilt. I've had this pattern for years and finally decided to use it. I got it all cut out and one block made. One down....19 to go.

The owners of the shop that I work at are away at market in Houston so I'm helping hold down the fort while they're away. It will be exciting to see what they come back with. My BFF is also away and will be returning tomorrow or Monday. She's been gone over 3 weeks so I will be quite pleased to see her soon.

Another busy week is ahead of me. So until later....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Georgia Quilt show

The show is over and I'm back in Oklahoma trying to recoup from 6 days of fun and excitement in Georgia and North and South Carolina.

You may be able to see from the picture that I have a little pink ribbon on my quilt (right under the white card).
It's a "Staff Pick" ribbon which means that the staff of the corporation which put on the quilt show picked it as one of their favorites! Not only that, they liked it so much that they purposely hung it right next to the "Best of Show" quilt made by the FAMOUS Sharon Schamber because they told me they thought it deserved a place of prominence! Sharon's quilt was stunning! She's won multiple BIG awards including "bests" at Paducah and Houston.

To say that I was excited is an understatement. My sister Greta was there with me and she was like my cheerleader! She was telling everyone she saw that " my sister made that quilt"!

I accidentally left my camera cord in Georgia so when I get it back I'll load pictures of the show so you all can see. But in the meantime check out the website

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Atlanta, here I come!

Just a few more days and my sister and I meet up in Atlanta for the Georgia Quilt Show. Remember, I have a quilt entered in the show.

She and I have signed up for a class taught by Jean Ann Wright. Also , a friend from the Atlanta area is taking the class with us. I've spent the last week or so going through my stash pulling out fabrics for both of us to make a log cabin style quilt. She's a "newbie" when it comes to making quilts. It was lots of fun sending her pictures for her to approve what I pulled out for her. Since we don't always have the same tastes, I was pleased that we were able to do it without too much trouble. Little sisters can sometimes be LOTS OF TROUBLE! Just kidding, Greta! She and I are looking forward to a great time together. Can you guess which stack is hers and which is mine?

Wish me luck on my quilt!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilt of Valor

This is a quilt that my stitch group made as a round robin. We started it about a year ago. It was a lot of fun seeing it change as it went from person to person. I started it with the appliqué in the middle and Emma finished it by putting on the binding. Right now it's with June who is making a label for it. Coleen, Judy and Leslie also worked on it.

Kat LeFevre quilted it for us and as usual, did a great job! Thanks Kat!

The quilt will go to a veteran as part of the Quilts of Valor program. If you don't know about this program, you should google it and read all about it. (And then get busy and make a quilt for one of those who defends our freedom!)