Sunday, October 14, 2012

Atlanta, here I come!

Just a few more days and my sister and I meet up in Atlanta for the Georgia Quilt Show. Remember, I have a quilt entered in the show.

She and I have signed up for a class taught by Jean Ann Wright. Also , a friend from the Atlanta area is taking the class with us. I've spent the last week or so going through my stash pulling out fabrics for both of us to make a log cabin style quilt. She's a "newbie" when it comes to making quilts. It was lots of fun sending her pictures for her to approve what I pulled out for her. Since we don't always have the same tastes, I was pleased that we were able to do it without too much trouble. Little sisters can sometimes be LOTS OF TROUBLE! Just kidding, Greta! She and I are looking forward to a great time together. Can you guess which stack is hers and which is mine?

Wish me luck on my quilt!


dianne said...

hmmmm ... i can't even decide which stack would be MINE if i had to chose!

fingers crossed for the Georgia Quilt Show ... and have a safe journey.

dianne said...
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dianne said...

just so you know - i must have double clicked cuz my comment showed up twice ... so i deleted the second one

Greta said...

I'll make you think trouble! LOL. I am so looking forward to this time away. I can't wait to have some quality "sister" time, and lots of quilt fun too! See you soon.

Connie said...

I think you are already a winner for having your quilt selected to me in the show. Also, think you will win a ribbon.

Have fun at the show, class and being with your sister.


SANTIAGO said...

Good luck!