Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Exciting News!

This is my friend Cindy. She lives in Reno, Nevada.  I've known her for about 35 years.  Her husband was best man at our wedding and he and Tim have know each other most of their lives.

Here she is visiting me in March.  She has invited me to come see her and go to the Pacific International Quilt Show with her in Santa Clara, CA.  She encouraged me to enter my quilt.  This one:

So I made a deal with her and said I would enter if she would.  She had a top that she pieced 16 years ago and had never quilted it.  So she sent it to me and I took it to the fabulous Donna T who quilted mine.  I was sure it would be juried into the show.  In the meantime, since my friend Leslie's mom lives near there, I talked Leslie into entering a quilt, too.  And guess who quilted it?  Yep, Donna!

Here's Cindy's quilt.
And here's Leslie's.

So to make a long story short ( I know....too late!) and after weeks of waiting and nail biting I'm announcing that ALL THREE of our quilts have been juried into the show!!!  Leslie and I took a leap of faith and bought plane tickets a couple of months ago so we're flying out to join Cindy in October.  We're super excited to go to the biggest quilt show on the west coast and to see our quilts hanging in the show!Fun times ahead!!!

P.S.  Donna T is pretty proud, too!  Thanks, Donna for the beautiful quilting!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Working on Appliqué Again

Remember these?
You may not!  It's been a long time since I've added to this group.  But finally, I have another block done.

Still don't know for sure where I'm going with this but I DO so enjoy hand appliqué.  Just don't know if I'm having that much fun trying to design something myself.  

Here they are together.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Finished quilt and on to the next project

I started this a few days before my granddaughter was born and last Sunday when I had a "day off" from helping my daughter,  I finished the piecing.  My friend and neighbor Theresa C. quilted it for me on her longarm and I finished the binding last night.  It will be entered in the Tulsa State Fair under a special category, "Quilts For Kids" and then all of the quits will be given to local kids who need them.  Last year they went to the children's hospital.

This may be the first quilt I've ever made without a border.  It's all half square triangles.

Since I can't sit still, and since I've had a few more "days off" ( although I'm chomping at the bit to get back to little Nola tomorrow) I started another new project.
Mine will be in much brighter fabrics:

Since I've redecorated my kitchen eating area I wanted a new table runner in bright colors.  This pattern calls for a lot of piecing, but I said to myself, "Self, why couldn't you appliqué those squares on the background instead of piecing them in?  You could certainly save yourself a lot of time?" So I agreed with myself and I'm appliquéing them on the machine.  I think I'll be just as happy with the outcome.