Sunday, April 26, 2009

quilt show

Leslie and I recently went to the Muskogee Quilt Show. It's always held during the azalea festival at Honor Heights Park in Muskogee. The azaleas were beautiful, but not quite in full bloom, although you wouldn't guess that from this picture.
Here's our traditional silly self portrait at the quilt show.
It's my opinion that ANY quilt on a dark or black background is beautiful. This one is no exception.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Grand Boys

If you can stand it...just a couple more pictures of my grandboys. And if you can't stand it...I'll post them anyway, 'cause they're the BEST grandboys a Mama T and Popple could have. This one was taken by Tim's step-mom, Linda. Isn't it cute. Having a digital piano with head phone capabilities is the best thing a grandparent could have. It's practically indestructable and the kids can play till their heart's content and the adults can still carry on a conversation. Gabe is the one who wants to take piano lessons. We're working on that.
Here they are in their Easter best. They remind me of 2/3 of the Three Stooges when they played golf in one of their movies.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here's a chance for you to win this beautiful apron that my friend Brooke made. (Also, I get a second chance of winning it by posting it on my blog). Go to to post a comment.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Remembering Ted

Remember Ted? He's our strange garden ornament (much loved by Tim and Aaron) that I was just beginning to get used to. One day we came home to find this... Shocked and surprised, I investigated the scene. For those of you who read our Christmas newletter you'll remember that one of our neighbors (according to Tim) is an axe-murderer. Our initial feelings were that Ted had been murdered. After all, the back of his head has been blown off somehow. I left him as I found him, waiting for time for further investigaion.
When we came back later, much to my horror, I discovered that Ted was not dead!!! His eyes were glowing and he had sent out a beacon of light on the walkway to signal us that he needed help. It had crossed my mind that he had attempted to commit suicide but since the attempt was unsuccessful, he had changed his mind and wanted to live. After further investigation, I've come to the conclusion that this was all an accident. I think he was blown over by the wind and struck his head (which is all there is to him) on the concrete causing the back of his head to explode. When I looked closer, one of his eyes was also blown out of it's socket. Poor Ted--he continued to glow. Right now all of his pieces have been gathered together and we're trying to decide if he can be saved. Aaron suggested that we just put a plant in the top of his head but I'm thinking a one-eyed yard ornament with a plant growning out of it's head would be rather grotesque. (Come to think of it, he was grotesque from the beginning). What do you think? Can he be saved?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Quilt

I finished this little wall-hanging just before Easter. The bunny is hand appliqued and is flannel (he's sooo soft). He has a button nose.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Belated Easter

I've been out of town again looking in on my mother-in-law who is now in a skilled nursing facility in Missouri going through some physical rehab. Thank you for your continued prayers for her. I got back just in time for Easter. I enjoy spring decorating and my collection of mostly handmade Easter eggs. The white one above was hand painted in the Republic of Slovakia. We have friends who live there. The red one on the right was decopaged by Calista.

Another white one that is hand painted. The white and silver one on the right was also made in Slovakia and is decorated with very fine wire. The one above it is some kind of threadwork--probably crochet and also from Slovakia. The bright one is another one of Calista's handiwork. By the way, they are all real chicken eggs so they are very fragile.

Remember LEGGS panty hose? They used to come in big plastic eggs. The 2 at the base of the tree are made of LEGGS eggs.

My spring quilt--it's not my favorite but it's cheery so I hang it in the spring. I machine pieced it and hand appliqued it in 2003. I think I like the back and the label better than I like the front (see above)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I took Timothy shopping for some clothes (it seems he has grown out of most of his). We walked around the mall and did the fun things that kids like to do while we waited for his mother to come out of Victoria's Secret. Finally, we decided to go in after her. He looked around a little and then said, "This place is REALLY weird". This is how most men look in Victoria's Secret!