Friday, April 24, 2009

Grand Boys

If you can stand it...just a couple more pictures of my grandboys. And if you can't stand it...I'll post them anyway, 'cause they're the BEST grandboys a Mama T and Popple could have. This one was taken by Tim's step-mom, Linda. Isn't it cute. Having a digital piano with head phone capabilities is the best thing a grandparent could have. It's practically indestructable and the kids can play till their heart's content and the adults can still carry on a conversation. Gabe is the one who wants to take piano lessons. We're working on that.
Here they are in their Easter best. They remind me of 2/3 of the Three Stooges when they played golf in one of their movies.

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Lista said...

Hahahahahaha! Just add Popple and you've got all three Stooges!