Sunday, April 26, 2009

quilt show

Leslie and I recently went to the Muskogee Quilt Show. It's always held during the azalea festival at Honor Heights Park in Muskogee. The azaleas were beautiful, but not quite in full bloom, although you wouldn't guess that from this picture.
Here's our traditional silly self portrait at the quilt show.
It's my opinion that ANY quilt on a dark or black background is beautiful. This one is no exception.


Andrea said...

Your self portrait with the glasses is cute!

Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all, I heard about this post before I saw it. Mrs. Sadler had a fit over the azalea picture. Secondly, look at your hair! In your self picture, with those earrings, all you need is a really short skirt and some gogo boots. LOL. And thirdly, I agree about quilts with the black background. If I ever make a quilt, I think it will be set on black. I really like this one. Is the ribbon like things connecting the stars a decorative stitch or what?

sheboz said...

I agree. That quilt is wonderful! We are still making good use of ours too.:)

MamaT said...
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MamaT said...

The ribbons are quilting stitches. I thought that was really neat, too. I want that on a quilt someday. I'll have to show it to my wonderful quilter, Donna. I assume "anonymous" is Greta--Is that correct?
Abby--I'm glad you're still using your quilt. I do MUCH better work now. I'll have to make you a new one for your 50th anniversary! ha