Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fair prizes and Timothy's quilt I'm learning to post blogs from my new iPad but haven't quite figured it out yet so I'll tell you about the  pictures from the previous post.

We kept all three grandboys overnight so their mom and dad could have 24 hours of peace and quiet.  WE, on the other hand did NOT have peace OR quiet. We did, nevertheless, enjoy our time with them.  Gabe had warned me about having all three of them here at once! ha ha The pictures include Wesley's bath time and the little "angels" at church this morning.  We took them to lunch afterwards and then home.

I finished putting the binding and label on Timothy's birthday quilt (only 7 months late!) so we put it on his bed today when we took he kids home. I made 2 pillowcases to match.

Success at the Tulsa State Fair.....a white ribbon on my wall hanging and a red on my miniature. BFF Leslie got a red ribbon on her hand embroidered redwork quilt.  Daughter calista got 5 ribbons out of 8 items she entered--hand spun yarns and hand knits.

Maybe by next post I'll have mastered my new electronic gadget (NOT!!!)

Kids and quilt

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tulsa State Fair Entries

Next week the Tulsa State Fair begins.  Since 1998 I've been entering quilts in the fair.  This year I didn't really have one ready and thought about skipping it this year.  But then I looked up on my design wall and saw this lonely top that had been hanging there at least a couple of years waiting for completion.  I had half of the machine applique already done so I pulled it down and finished that, added the borders and took it to Kat LeFevre to quilt.  Don't know why I waited so long to finish it 'cause I REALLY like it!  And Kat did a great job on the quilting!  So it's been delivered to the fairgrounds (minus my husband's feet) and I'll see it there next Thursday.

I also entered this little table mat.  I've shown it on this blog before.  It was entered in the Green Country Quilters' Guild Show in June (no prize).  I quilted this one on my Phaff machine.   

My daughter Calista has 8 entries in the fair--all having to do with knitting and hand spun yarn.  Last year she won a major prize so we're anxious to see what happens this year.  Good luck to her and all her knitting buddies who entered!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Exciting News!

Remember this?   This is the quilt I won Best of Show with at Green Country Quilters' Guild Show in June.   I entered it in a juried show and just found out that it's been accepted!!!!  YIPPEEEE!!!!!

The show is in Duluth, GA (Atlanta area) October 18-20 and I plan to be there to see it.  My sister is going along and we're going to celebrate our birthdays.  She has a significant one this year and as I get older I think ALL of mine are significant!

So look out GEORGIA here we come! 
Look here for more info:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lots of Sewing

When I come back from a retreat I'm all "fired up" and ready to sew....and sew....and sew.

I promised myself one day last week that I would get some other things done around the house besides sew.  So I cleaned a toilet.  That's all.  One toilet.  Then I got back to my sewing.

I mentioned in the last post that I would be using some of the practice blocks that I made at the Pat Speth Retreat in a quilt I had already started.  A couple of years ago I was involved with a birthday block exchange at the Cotton Patch.  Each month when I made a block to give away, I also kept one for myself knowing that someday I would have enough to make a quilt.

The blocks on the ends of the 2nd and 3rd rows (from the top) were made at the retreat.  Also, the second from the left on the bottom row was made at Pat's retreat in Owasso, OK in 2008.  Glad I hung onto it!
I don't normally name my quilts (or at least it's hard to come up with a name--I'm not that artsy fartsy) but if this one were to have a name it would be called "Chiller Channel".  My hubby likes the Chiller Channel.  I, on the other hand, hate it.  So while he was watching trashy, scary movies I stayed in my sewing room and sewed (and grumbled--I could still hear the tv!)

Daughter Calista and I have been working on this next one for quite some time.  It was supposed to be for middle grandson Timothy's 7th birthday.  That was in February.  I discovered that my mind does not cooperate when I'm setting blocks on point. I had all 3 million pieces laid out on the guest bed when I found out I was having overnight company.  The brain kicked into gear and I got it put together.  I was determined not to box up the pieces again!

I intentionally left the border off the top.  It's already 99 inches long.  But it will be a bedspread for his double bed and hang off 14" on the sides and end with enough left to tuck under the pillows.  LOL!!! LIKE A 7 YEAR OLD IS GOING TO TUCK IT UNDER THE PILLOWS!

Since the boys live on a "farm" now we included barns, cows, pigs and horses.

This will be the backing.
Here's the seven year old at a recent family gathering.  I think he must be up to something!