Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oklahoma....where the wind.....

You know that famous song (happens to be our state song) "Oklahoma, Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains."  My husband has his own version where the wind kicks (a man) in a certain part of his anatomy and then knocks him (or her) down onto a certain other part of the anatomy that both male and female possess.  Well, that's the kind of wind we've had lately.  The threats of very severe storms and tornadoes leave us always ready to hide in the "Fraidy Hole".  Ours happens to be a closet under our stairs but we're in the process of getting a real storm shelter installed in our garage.

So with all that said, I stayed out of the wind yesterday and this afternoon and finished this:



See what I mean?!?!  The wind won't even allow for a decent picture!

So here it is inside.

This will be the backing.

And this, too.

I bought this fabric line just a year ago when I went to Quilt Week in Paducah! KY.  This past week was Quilt Week again so I feel pretty good that I used the fabric just a year later!

I'll leave you with this beautiful peony bush.  I dug up a start from my moms yard after she passed away in 2009.  Reminds me of her and makes me smile!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Big Finish!

Hey, guess what!?!?  I finished this Red Dresden top a couple of days ago.  I'm so excited!

It has 53 plates. 1060 blades. 53 circles.  Well over 100 different fabrics.

It goes to the quilter this week and she has committed to have it done in time for our guild show June 7 & 8.

Happy Easter, y'all!  HE IS RISEN!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


On Tuesday I taught a scrap class at The Cotton Patch.  It's always fun to see what students come up with.

My class samples are hanging on the wall over Connie's shoulder.  This is the second time I've taught this class so I've gotten a few blocks made, too.  I made these today when I should have been doing other things.  But these were more fun than other things.

Between class prep blocks and demonstration blocks I've made quite a few.  Someday they will make a quilt.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Travels

We've been very busy lately traveling.  We took a trip to St. Louis a couple of weekends ago to visit family and friends.  Then we kept our grand boys while their parents participated in a wedding in Dallas.  It seems like spring could be here, but tonight's forecast could prove otherwise.  Anyway, I got a few good pictures of spring and boys.

We took the boys home and immediately left for a geology convention in Houston.  I'm trying really hard to get my Dresden quilt done in time for our guild quilt show in June. (I already have the quilter lined up). So I took the top with me and worked on it while my geologist husband attended the convention.  The convention just happens to be held in the same convention center as the International Quilt Festival.  Here's my quilt looking longingly out our hotel window at the convention center.  It's hoping it can make it inside someday!  Haha


The return trip home included a few stops at quilt shops and enjoying the Texas wildflowers along the road.

And one last spring sweet granddaughter and her parents.