Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oklahoma....where the wind.....

You know that famous song (happens to be our state song) "Oklahoma, Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains."  My husband has his own version where the wind kicks (a man) in a certain part of his anatomy and then knocks him (or her) down onto a certain other part of the anatomy that both male and female possess.  Well, that's the kind of wind we've had lately.  The threats of very severe storms and tornadoes leave us always ready to hide in the "Fraidy Hole".  Ours happens to be a closet under our stairs but we're in the process of getting a real storm shelter installed in our garage.

So with all that said, I stayed out of the wind yesterday and this afternoon and finished this:



See what I mean?!?!  The wind won't even allow for a decent picture!

So here it is inside.

This will be the backing.

And this, too.

I bought this fabric line just a year ago when I went to Quilt Week in Paducah! KY.  This past week was Quilt Week again so I feel pretty good that I used the fabric just a year later!

I'll leave you with this beautiful peony bush.  I dug up a start from my moms yard after she passed away in 2009.  Reminds me of her and makes me smile!


dianne said...

it has been extra windy here, too - but nothing like the tornadoes that have been hitting the rest of the States - sheesh!!! i am SO RELIEVED to know that you will have shelter from the storms - i don't think your fingers can take being slammed in any more doors ... LOVE the quilt, by the way!!!

p.s. - you caught me in the middle of publishing things i should have posted months ago - i am so busted!

dianne said...
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Miriam said...

I hope you are safe. I heard about the tornadoes here in Australia.
Love your quilt! Beautiful and bright.