Friday, May 20, 2011

A new quilt enthusiast

One of my talented children has caught the quilting blog.  She's always been a bit interested.  We started her first quilt when she was in 3rd grade and I was home schooling her.  I thought it was a good idea to teach her how to hand piece.  Unfortunately, neither of us had the patience to follow through with the hand work, but we DID finish the quilt 3 or 4 years later.  She's used a sewing machine a bit off and on since then.

I guess when I first knew she had the "BUG" was when I noticed she started hiding her fabric stash at my house (as if I had any extra room for someone else's stash).  And she wasn't really hiding it from anyone, it's just that she didn't have a place to put it in her tiny house. It seems her yarn stash takes up the stashing room around there.  That and 3 boys, a husband and "some" cats and other various and sundry pets, etc.

So here she is, caught by the bug, sewing at my house. 
Here's Calista doing a bit of machine applique.

The finished quilt top.  And she did it mostly by herself.  Note the look of pride.

The center is a panel called "Cherish Nature" and the rest is machine appliqued (blanket stitch).  She delivered it to her favorite quilter this week, so stay tuned for the finished product in weeks to come.

And just in case you might think I have only one talented daughter....go here
to see the work of my MIDDLE child.


Brooke said...

Beautiful, Calista!

Greta said...

That is lovely! Did she come up with the idea for the appliques herself or was there a pattern or something? I don't know much about this stuff you see. ;)

Lista said...

I can't wait to see it quilted! I may or may not have begged Chris to paint the bedroom to match so I can hang it in there!

MamaT said...

It was a pattern. But it used a different panel.

dianne said...

she IS multi-talented - she makes beautiful quilts, and beautiful baby boys, too

and i LOVE looking at Ms. Middle's photography - she's got some mad skills

Karen said...

I cannot believe this is her first quilt - it's wonderful!! Will she try quilting??

Carrie P. said...

great job. I have really loved that fabric. I have a few of the pieces.