Saturday, January 2, 2010

A White Christmas

Thankfully, all our family arrived safely at our house before noon on Christmas day. We had a heck of a blizzard the night before. It was beautiful, but dangerous and caused a lot of inconvenience here in Oklahoma.
The drifts were 2-3 feet deep in some areas because of high winds. The snowmen in front of our house felt right at home. The snow angel on my front lawn felt right at home, too...but only for a few seconds.

We still have huge piles of snow that haven't melted (mostly on parking lots), but we're expecting more tonight and more in the middle of this coming week. It's really cold so there won't be much more melting going on this week. Thankfully, my little Dodge Nitro 4 WD is doing a great job and we're getting around just fine.

Happy New Year to everyone!


ranette said...

What a good Grandma you are to get out and play in the'll be the kind of g'ma to stay in and bake!

We still have tons of snow on the ground too....I'm ready for Spring!

dianne said...

you've got yourself a mighty cute little snow angel there!

our snow hasn't melted in weeks and it's getting really, really nasty looking ... lottsa sunshine yesterday - but it's just too cold out there!