Monday, January 25, 2010

Quilt and Cat

Remember I got this kitty on New Year's Day. Remember she only has 3 working legs?
My daughter warned me that she likes to steal food from her kids' plates and I foolishly said that there was no way a cat with 3 legs could jump up on my counter-height table. She made herself at home very quickly. She seems to like quilts (don't all cats?). So much for the higher table. I'm keeping all the chairs pushed in now and hoping she stays on the floor. By the way, we've changed her name again. Our son-in-law, Patrick always greets her with, "Hi there, Skippy". It just seems to fit. So from now on she's Skippy.


Lista said...

It's no wonder she bites you, if you're calling her Skippy!

Carrie P. said...

Skippy found a very nice place to rest her three legs. My son has two cats and they like to jump up to the kitchen cabinet, then the frig and up onto the top of the kitchen shelves. Guess they are waiting for some prey to walk by. lol

Eli said...

Hi Teresa.
D'u know, here in Ukraine we call such cats as "lucky cats" for their interesting trichromatic color wool (Forgive me my English please!)
I follow your blog and I think your new cat love your quilts like me. But the cat is privileged: ыру can sit and lie on them!