Friday, January 29, 2010

January in Oklahoma

Yesterday was my son Aaron's 25th birthday (he's my baby and boy does that make me feel old) He grew up on Beatles music and we went to see Paul McCartney in concert in 2009 so I made him this little quilt for his couch or maybe for his wall.
Here's the label on the back.

Because of the threat of a huge ice storm we didn't get to have his traditional birthday dinner last night so he hasn't seen his present yet. (Please don't tell him and ruin the surprise).

We all know that quilters like ice and snow storms because it means we can stay inside and sew guilt-free. I did that today. Also, I decided to try "snow-dyeing" some fabric.

I didn't take the time to get really good instructions, so I just "did my own thing"--which is usually how I operate.

Here I am squirting the dye on the fabric that is covered with snow. I packed more snow on top, then left it outside where it got REALLY covered with snow. I think we got 6-8 inches before it was all over. Well, actually it hasn't totally stopped yet. Tonight I brought the fabric box inside the garage where it is thawing and the snow is melting. Tomorrow I'll rinse. So stay tuned. It will be a surprise what I end up with. I used up all the old dyes I had kept from my first dyeing experience last fall.


dianne said...

cute hat!

i LOVE the Beatles quilt - i have been tempted (time and again) to buy some of that line and make a quilt - and yours is psychedelically cool!

p. s. - my baby is 23 ... i know what you mean

Lista said...

Can't wait to see the fabric. The kids did snow dyeing in a different way. Chris made them snow cones with real snow last night...and the green apple flavor did a nice job of turning tongues green!