Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Day

I spent the afternoon of Jan. 1 sewing with my friend Leslie while our husbands watched some cowboy movies. I got these blocks made for my birthday group at the Cotton Patch. I'll keep a couple of them and give the rest which catches me up through February. We have 2 birthdays in January.
Leslie got this block done. She also baked an awesome blueberry pie. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes and black eyed peas (for luck, of course).

Here's Leslie cutting out another block. The appliqued block to the right is one I finished right after Christmas.

Here we are enjoying our favorite sport.

And lastly, I got this on New Year's Day. After 4 years of being petless (and enjoying it) I got talked into adopting this little kitty. My oldest daughter rescues cats and simply didn't have room for one more. "Markie" is handicapped. She has only 3 working legs. Her left, back leg doesn't function but she can run anyway. She's made herself at home but doesn't come sit on my lap yet. My son saw a mouse in our garage this evening so she may be spending a bit of time out there "exploring".

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