Sunday, January 10, 2010

More projects

I made a few more blocks for my Civil War Reproductions Birthday club. I'm keeping them simpler this year. Just a couple more and I'll be done for the year. Yeah!
I made just a couple more of the little makeup/project bags. I found this cool button to put on the one I made for myself.
Peace! (or maybe it should be Piece!)

And I made this one for my friend Deryl in New Orleans. Her birthday is today. (Diane..what color do you want? )


ranette said...

You've been busy, busy! Cute little bags.

dianne said...

oooo! i REALLY like the pieced peace!

Lista said...

I need to make one for myself now! Maybe some knitting fabric? Or flamingos?

Andrea said...

Ya dang hippy!

Anonymous said...

these bags are super cute i am new to sewing so some day hopefully i can make somethin like this