Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Quilts

Calista has the quilting bug! I helped her a little bit with this one but she mostly did it by herself (including the quilting). She did some straight-line quilting and then I added free motion to the borders. She even sewed the binding down by herself.
Now here is the label from the quilt in my last post:

And here it is with the binding on it.


Lista said...

If you're going to keep insisting on taking pictures of me, I guess I'm going to have to break down and start wearing makeup.

ranette said...

Good job Calista!!!! I have a hard time getting my girls to do their own

Calista if I was a gorgeous as you, I'd never, ever wear a stitch of makeup...really!

Brooke said...

Love the quilt, Calista! So glad you are able to still be crafty while be pregnant. That was one of those things that my brain couldn't handle while pregnant. Drove me crazy! :)

Carrie P. said...

Good job, Calista.