Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last week we were blessed to have our friends the Abrmans here for a few days from Slovakia and my neice here from Missouri.
Anna Abrman loves to do many kinds of crafts and is anxious to learn more about quilting. She had never worked with fusible products before so I taught her how to use "Heat n Bond". I took her to my stitch group on Thursday. She enjoyed it so much. She has managed to find a couple of quilt shops in her country but they are nothing like we have here. I took her to the Cotton Patch where she was amazed. She has trouble finding brown fabric over there so she did make a couple of little purchases to take back with her (even though she is VERY limited on the amount she can stuff in a suitcase)
In the meantime, I taught Brittany how to do English Paper Piecing with hexagons. Before she went home on Sunday she had made at least 12 flowers and had appliqued one onto a background. She was a quick learner.

Here are some of her flowers.
In the middle of all the company, I managed to teach an English Paper Piecing class at the Cotton Patch and throw a pot luck dinner party at my house as a reception for the Abrmans with 26 in attendance. We took Brittany back to MO on Sunday to meet up with her parents and I crashed on Monday.


dianne said...

wow - you had a VERY busy week - i'm gonna have to learn English paper-piecing - i saw a little blurb about it on the Create channel and it is so pretty!

has the snow melted yet?

Carrie P. said...

Those two look very happy learning new techniques.
The hexies look good as a trim on Brittany's blouse.
Hope you have recovered from all the excitement.