Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making a trade

Today we drove to Springfield, Missouri to pick up my neice so she could spend her spring break with us. I can't imagine that Tulsa would be more exciting than her little town of Caledonia, MO but maybe it is. Or maybe it's just that Tim and I are exciting to be around! haha Here is Brittany.
Here are her mom and dad--my sister Greta and her husband Joe. We traded a quilt for Brittany. Eleven years ago I made this quilt for my daughter. She loved the quilt but it brought back memories of a spoiled marriage that she didn't want to think about so we decided it should be given away. I had intended to donate it somewhere, but when I looked at it after having not seen it in many years, I remembered that the baskets were hand appliqued by my mom. She passed away Aug. 1 and I just couldn't bear to send it away. Then I thought of my sister and I just knew she would like to have it. I was right. We made the trade off today. The quilt is a little worn and faded but I'm sure it will be loved nonetheless.


ranette said...

Have fun having Brittany around. Does she like to sew?
Greta looks a little like you.

Very sweet to think of your sister with that quilt.

Have a great week!

dianne said...

that is a sweet story ... isn't it strange how a quilt can mean different things to different people? a bad memory for your daughter becomes a heartfelt reminder of your mother's love for both you and for your sister ...... i'm kinda teary now - how DO you do that to me?!?