Monday, October 5, 2009

Tulsa State Fair

This afternoon, I got a "Tim sitter" and Leslie and I sneaked off to the Tulsa State Fair. Tim is feeling "okay". He'll be glad to be off the pain meds. It's hard for him to get comfortable. But he had good company and people to make sure he didn't do anything to injure himself. This is Leslie and me in front of the sand sculpture in the Children's building.
Here's Leslie in front of my x-block quilt (orange). It won a 3rd place ribbon.

My iris wallhanging got a blue ribbon. Mom would have been proud. She loved irises. I had intended this quilt for her.

Tim's little circle wallhanging got a 3rd place ribbon, too. Brittany's quilt didn't get a ribbon. (Boo!) Calista entered some of her knitted items and won a couple of ribbons, too.

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ranette said...

Yeah!!!! Looks like your quilts were in good company. Congratulations again on your ribbons!