Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting ready

I've spent parts of every day this week at Andrea's house helping her get her "act together".  Baby Nola is due in jut 2 weeks and there were many things to be done.

So this week the inside of her house was painted, cleaned, carpets steam cleaned, carseat ordered, swing bought.  All of this while her husband was out of town on business.  And tonight she shot her last wedding before her maternity leave starts (she's a professional photographer).  Thankfully, I didn't have to do all that work, but I did do a lot so I'm tired.  I haven't had much time to sew but I did a couple little things.  Like this pillow for the nursery:

Today is my husband's birthday.  This little shirt was his and probably made by his great grandmother over 59 years ago.  The blue edging was already on the shirt and yesterday I added the silk ribbon roses so it would look a bit more "girly".  I thought it would be sweet for Nola to wear something made by her Great, Great, Great Grandma.

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dianne said...

makes me tired just thinking about all of that work ... happy birthday to Even Steven - 59 is an AWESOME age to be!!! not as awesome as 60 or 61, but pretty doggone awesome, just the same!!!

we don't have anything like his little shirt in our family - what a treasure it is...

Future Generations will be even more out of luck due to Children's Place, Target, and Old Navy, huh?!?

i guess we'd better keep on making quilts...