Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby shower

The BIG baby shower was yesterday, and OH what a party it was!

Oldest daughter Calista and some of Andrea's friends rented a room at the Glenpool Event Center.  When we arrived we were very surprised by the sign!  (A side note....Glenpool is the place where oil was first discovered in the Tulsa area and caused it to become known as the "oil capital of the world".  Thought I'd better throw that in since I'm married to an "oil" man!)

Everything was beautiful and the gifts were plentiful!

My camera batteries went dead before she opened the quilt and bumper pads I made for her (with matching crib sheet).  But here are the pictures of the quilt right after I finished it.

Those tiny buttons on the dresses were the hardest part!  I may have overdone it with my sore elbow because it was super sore that evening.  And yes, the buttons are sewn down VERY tight so there is no danger of them coming off ( especially since THIS  quilt is to be used only for decorating the nursery)

....and finally, the label and the back.  Sweet baby words on the back.  I love it and so did Andrea!


dianne said...

you all look so happy and excited - it's contagious cuz i was having a mediocre day and now i feel excited, too!!!

the quilt is so sweet and pink and lovely - Nola will LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is adorable and will certainly be a family heirloom. Baby Nola is certainly going to be a loved and cherished baby.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, what a happy day and the quilt is just so sweet.
Take care of your elbow!

Amanda Price said...

That is a beautiful quilt!