Monday, February 4, 2013

Catherine's Quilt

A couple of days ago I posted the quilts that I finished in January and I told you I'd be back with a better picture and the story of the large quilt.

In the second picture are friends Catherine (on the right) and her sister Julia. I've known both these girls their entire lives. I made the quilt for Catherine who is 17. She will have surgery in a distant major city in just a few weeks to remove a brain tumor. The quilt is for her comfort as she is going through this ordeal. I'm asking my blog friends to please pray for her and her family in the coming weeks. They are really good friends of ours--more like part of our family. I helped with a quilt when Catherine's parents got married, helped with Catherine's baby quilt and made quilts for each of her 3 siblings. We love them very much! Your prayers are appreciated!


Carrie P. said...

Praying Catherine's surgery is a success.

oknonnie said...

Catherine's face says it all! I know your labor of love will be a comfort for her next month. It's stitched with prayer!!

Anonymous said...

praying for her is she Christian also? hugs i pray that she will lean on the Lord during this hard time, please keep us posted, i have had many hard health surgries through my entire life so far. please read my blog when u can thanks Mama T!"

Carla said...

Sending prayers Catherine's way.
Love her quilt.