Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's been goin' on

It seems like the month of September is flying by.  And even though it's still very much summer here in Oklahoma, there are a few signs of fall.  And I'm ready for it after the extreme heat we've had this year.

Over Labor Day weekend my sister Greta and her daughter Lora Beth came to visit so that my (extremely lovely and talented) daughter Andrea  could  take Lora Beth's senior pictures.
Even though my husband tried to spoil the weekend with a bad case of infectous colonitis (2 trips to the E.R.) we managed to sneak away and have some fun shopping and doing the photo shoot.  (He tells the story a little bit differently--I DID after all, get him a babysitter).
That's Greta and Lora Beth in the top pic with me; and Lora Beth and (extremely lovely and talented) daughter Andrea in the middle of the bottom pic.

Last post, I forgot to show you what my friend Leslie has been up to.  She's been VERY busy making quilt tops.
She and I took a hand applique class from Jane Green at the Cotton Patch.  Here's Jane.  She does absolutely beautiful hand work.  It's hard to see from this picture, but trust me,  it's really good.
Here are some of the other class members with the block we did our first week.
This is mine.  I've decided to add some brown to it.  Working on that now.

Well, Tim did get over his illness and for the first time in ages he had to dress up for work.  It was such a rare occasion, I thought I should document it.
Many of his co-workers thought he was a stranger trying to break into Tim Marler's office.  His boss hasn't gotten over it yet.  I think he "cleans up real good".    Off to find some oil and gas.

Last week I made these name tags for a challenge from Green Country Quilters' Guild ( .  The tags had to be mostly green and had to be readable from 4 feet away.

I finished my quilt!  It's quilted by Kat LeFevre.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  I got the binding on just in time to take it to the fairgrounds on Saturday to be entered (along with 3 others) in the Tulsa State Fair.  You can see them there starting Sept. 30 through Oct. 10.
You all know I have ANOTHER (extreemly talented, lovely) daughter.  She's been busy getting her knitted items and pickles ready for the fair.  And oh yes, she raises boys (3 of them) so you know she's got her hands full.  We all think the last one looks like her.  What do you think?

1979 (although I'm sure she wouldn't want you to know that) and 2010.    Same pouty lips.

Since I've mentioned everyone else in my family, I'll conclude with the fact that I'm very proud of my son.  He's going through some major changes in his life.  We pray for God's leading.

Until next time...


dianne said...

your quilt is way cool ... your hand applique is sooo pretty ... your daughters are both lovely AND talented ... Wesley looks a LOT like his mom ... and Tim DOES clean up pretty good ... i used to tease anyone who came to work in anything other than jeans and tshirts/flannel shirts/sweatshirts with "who died?" but then someone DID die and and i never said THAT again

ranette said...

Great post Teresa! You have two very lovely daughter's and your sister and niece are lovely as well....oh and you look terrific and so does Tim. Leslie looks good too and so do her quilts.

Good luck for a ribbon on your beautiful quilt...I LOVE it!

Carrie P. said...

I think the two baby pictures do look a like. My mom has a picture of her when she was around 8 and one of my sister at the same time and they look like twins.
Love the log cabin quilt. I recognize those blocks from the group because I made that same quilt.
Glad Tim recovered.

CharlotteP said...

Your finished quilt is fabulous!! Why haven't you posted the finished article on Bumblebeans??!

MamaT said...

Charlotte: I just haven't had the time to post the pic yet. Besides, I entered in the Tulsa State Fair and I want to wait to see if it won a ribbong. Plus, I have another quilt like it that I have to finish the binding on and I'll post them both together on 15 Minutes. Thanks for asking.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Looks like a really fun photo shoot. The pictures are great!

Your applique block looks really good. Smooth curves and pointy points!

Love the way the Kat LeFevre turned out. Good luck with the competition!

vuvuzela said...

great work!