Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wesley's Story

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Wesley.  He was normally a happy little guy, but something had him feeling stressed and a little down in the dumps...

Yes, it was his Mama T's sewing room.  She could no longer work effeciently and make all those quilts that Wesley, his brothers, his mom and dad, his aunt, uncles and Popple were so used to.  So he talked to his mom and asked her if she would give Mama T a hand and GET THIS MESS CLEANED UP!

His mom agreed and they got to work.  He occupied himself while they worked.  Sometimes, he had to interrupt them so one of them would feed him (that would be his mom).
Already, he started feeling better.

And finally, one day the job was done!  He was amazed at the difference (and so were his mom and his Mama T).
Now, Wesley was feeling overjoyed.  He couldn't believe how organized everything was.  Best of all, his Mama T was happy.

Then, quite suddenly, he saw his Mama T and his mom doing something.  What were they up to?  He could see fabric coming out of boxes and off shelves.   Then they  took something out of a box.  He heard them say that it was almost a year old and had never been used because the room had been too unorganized to get it out.  The called it an Accuquilt GO! cutter.  And then, they started using it!  They were amazed again!

But Wesley was just confused.  He couldn't understand why they wanted to start messing up the room so soon after it's transformation.  He decided he needed to go talk to his Popple about this.  Popple told him that women were hard to understand and that he should just get used to it.  Wesley decided that as long as his mom kept feeding him and as long as his Mama T let him and his brothers come over to her house, he would try to understand women--at least these two.

The End.


ranette said...

Wesley is a doll! I wanna come play in your
sewing's amazing! Do you and Calista
organize for friends? :)

Let me know how you like the Accu cutter.

Lista said...

I love this blog...and not just because it's full of my cute baby. Well, that might have *something* to do with it!

dianne said...

he is a little sweetie pie!!! even if he DOESN'T understand women!