Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter--Past and Present

We had a great day yesterday with all our kids here for Easter. There is an obvious difference between ages 10 and 5!
Here are all 3 of my grandsons (you just can't see one of them! Just wait until July 1) with their parents, Calista and Chris.

And my handsome son...

and my daughter Andrea who really CAN bake!...

and with her husband, Patrick.

Now this one goes back a few years. It's 1961 and I'm five years old. The dress was red (still my favorite color). Mom always made me a new dress for Easter.

Jump forward a few years to 1987. These are my three kids in LaPlace, Louisiana (2 of them were born in New Orleans). The 2 kids on the right are Sarah and Josh Bryant, our next door neighbors. Thanks to Facebook, we're in contact again. They were the best neighbors in the world. We even took boards down from the fence in the back yard so the kids could go back and forth. Sure wish I had neighbors like that now!

My girls' dresses were the most favorite I ever made. I remember being up till midnight sewing the lace on their socks. I kept the dresses and if I ever have granddaughters, they'll be forced to wear them! haha

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