Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Drum roll, please...... After almost 2 years of (off and on) work, I've finished this quilt top and it's ready to go to the quilter.
The pattern is from American Patchwork and Quilting Feb. 2007 and is by Kim Diehl. Mine looks very different from hers just because of the colors, but I also added the purple birds and made my inside sashing wider than hers to accomodate a few extras. I didn't use her border treatment at all.

I'm so excited to get it done and hope to have it quilted and bound in time for the Green Country Quilters' Guild show June 4 and 5 in Tulsa.

Here's where I almost got sick (above). I appliqued the purple bird on, cut out the back behind the bird and then realized it was on upside down! I ended up fusing some background fabric over the hole (matching the plaids the best I could) and reapplying the bird. Was I ever nervous! Hopefully, it won't show much and the quilter can "nail down" that fusible product and no one (except you and I) will ever know!

It's completely hand appliqued.

Yippeee! For another one done!


ranette said...

Oh wow...oh wow....beautiful quilt Teresa and you did a wonderful job on it. I enlarged the picture to see if I could tell and I couldn't see where the repair was. I love the brightness and cheeriness of this quilt!

momma_donna said...

Teresa, you did a magnificent job on the quilt! I hope it does well at the show. I'll see you at the lake in a couple of weeks!

Brooke said...

That turned out amazing!

Karen said...

AP&Q is my favorite magazine and this was one of my favorite patterns! I love your color choices, it's wonderful. Can't wait to see it all quilted up.

Carrie P. said...

Congratulations! It is beautiful. Can't wait to see how the quilter works her magic.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done! And I really love your rich, vivid colors...Kim