Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brittany's graduation quilt

I blogged about this quilt before it was quilted. But now that it's done I'd like to show the quilting. Unfortunately, (for me) I did a close up of one of the blocks that didn't quite match up where it was supposed to. My excuse: I used mostly 5" charms that were pre-cut and many of them were not pre-cut to the exact size they should have been. Then, I apparantly didn't take the time to square up everything. Oh well. It's done and on the whole, it looks good. I'm sure Brittany (my neice) will like it. In fact, I know she'll like it because she's already seen it. Kat LeFevre did the quilting and it looks great. I hope you can see the feathering she did with verigated thread.

Here I am showing the quilt at the August guild meeting (Green Country Quilters Guild, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
The pattern is called "Jewel Box". I started the quilt in a Pat Speth workshop in May 2008.


ranette said...

Brittany is a lucky girl. Such a pretty quilt and the quilting is great.

Anonymous said...

The pictures of the quilt were taken on Brittany's birthday! I love the quilt. It looks so regal and impressive.

The Howards said...