Monday, February 10, 2014

No Vacation From Fabric

While on vacation in The Bahamas I DID NOT take a vacation from fabric and sewing.  My friend C.  is a quilter also.  She happened to have a sewing machine on board the boat.  And I happened to take my hand sewing with me.  And she happened to know where to buy more fabric (just in case we NEEDED it).  There is a batik fabric made only in The Bahamas called ANDROSIA.  You can read about it here:

And you can see some of it here:

It's more expensive than the fabric here in the states so I just bought a few quarter yard pieces.   I wanted every color there but couldn't afford to buy it all. But THEN!!!  Nearly hidden on a bottom shelf I found scrap bags with just about every color imaginable.  So I bought two bags.  Well, maybe three.

Tomorrow, I'll post pictures of fabric shops I visited in Florida.  Stay warm!  The sun is trying to peek out here today.....and more snow predicted this evening.

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Paula Hensley Murphy said...

ok, I'm so jealous....Bahamas, boat, blue sky, blue water and fabric, what more could a gal want.....we are freezing here in Oklahoma.....but we do have fabric