Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby things

I got a text from my daughter a few days ago.  It seems that she has discovered that Baby Nola has inherited my long waist.  Her onesies are too short in the seat.  The outfit I got her for Christmas will only be worn one time.


I inserted a little "extender" and replaced the buttons with velcro.  Who ever thought it was a good idea to put tiny buttons as fasteners in a onsie has never tried to dress a wiggly baby. 

I just happened to have fabric that was a close match.  Doesn't matter since it won't be seen under the overalls anyway.
Even with the "fix" I'm wondering if she will be able to wear it more than twice.  Her five month old body seems to be growing  at an incredible rate!

I made these little shoes for her cute little curly toes and can hardly wait to try them on her when I see her later today.


dianne said...

huh?!? what happened to my comment?!?

what i SAID was...

you are so ingenious!!! i would have told Andrea to strrrrrretch those arm muscles - ha ha ha!!!


Nola is so doggone cute - she looks like the center of a yellow flower - and i love that look on her sweet little face...

Anonymous said...
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