Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nola's 2nd quilt

I finished the hand appliqué and pieced Nola's 2nd quilt.  This will be the one used to decorate her nursery.  My daughter picked out the pattern, chose some of the fabric and has seen a few of the blocks but I'm keeping the "done" quilt as a surprise until her 2nd baby shower on July 14.  I guess ill find out if she reads my blog....but i don't think she least not often.

So after church today I'll meet Donna T. somewhere and I'll hand it off to her to quilt.  Donna lives a ways out of town but works in downtown Tulsa and goes to church just a mile from where we go, so we've done these hand offs many times.  My husband calls them "street quilt deals" and is sure that someday this kind of thing will be reported on the news just like drug deals!  If he only knew how much like a drug quilting is!  (I think he probably does).  Sometimes we meet at one of our churches; often we meet at wherever one or both of us is eating after church.  Sometimes, it's in a downtown parking garage or on a random Wal Mart lot.  Sometimes, husband even makes the downtown deals for me since he works downtown, too.

I'm very happy with the way this quilt top turned out and can hardly wait to se it quilted. The colors show up better on the close ups and the first big picture.

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Michelle said...

That quilt is just gorgeous! I've done random handoffs like that buying textbooks off of Craigslist for the kids, pulled off the highway on a side road halfway between my place and the other gal's. That's got to look even weirder than holding up quilts in random parking lots (I do a lot of that too!)