Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tornado season

Well, tonight was another wild time in Oklahoma.  My son came over to have dinner with me and my husband was not home this evening.  We had just finished eating our Chinese take out when our good ole pal Travis Meyer from Channel 6 weather told us that there was a chance of this severe thunderstorm producing some circulation.  Aaron and I went outside to see the sky and decided we shouldn't be out there when we saw the whole sky swirling.  As we were going inside we heard Travis say they had upgraded the storm to a tornado warning,  we got in our "fraidy hole" under the stairs.  As Aaron was trying to get the cat in and close the door and as I was trying to sit my butt down (while holding onto something that in a few seconds I would realize was the crack of the door frame on the side of the door where the hinges are) we both heard a cracking noise and then some words came out of my mouth!  Two of my fingers were in the crack of the door while he was closing it!  We got out of the fraidy hole really fast and there were words coming out of poor Aaron's mouth (in between apologies).  We put ice on my fingers and got back in the hole.  We prayed, I nearly cried, he apologized some more, I told him it wasn't his fault and so on and so forth.

The tornado sirens never did go off until we heard on TV (turned up really loud) that the tornado had touched down just about 5 miles east of us.  We went outside and Aaron described the sky as looking like the four horsemen of the apocalypse were on the horizon.  Then he realized that the noise he was hearing was a neighbor mowing his lawn.  We went back inside and answered phone calls and text messages and let everyone know we were ok.

My thimble fingernail is crushed.....I think what really saved it is the acrylic nails that I've worn for years.  It's throbbing and I don't know whether to go to the doctor tomorrow or to my nail tech.  I guess I'll see how it looks in the morning .


Miriam said...

Ouch!!! That looks very painful!!

Take care!

dianne said...

snort ... i know that tornadoes and cracked fingers aren't funny ... snort chuckle snort ... ahem ... so, how are your fingers looking this morning?!? any words coming out of your mouth?