Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Finished UFO!

I finished this little quilt yesterday. It will be given to my quilt guild who distributes quilts to kids who need them. I made one almost like this 2 years ago and cut the strips for this one at the same time. They've been hanging on my design wall all this time. So Carrie
at here is my second one for the month for your UFO Challenge. I'm happy to have it done. And my third one is done, too! Just gotta get someone to hold it up for a picture.

Our grandson Timothy spent Saturday night with us so he was happy to hold this one for me. He's so happy to have us to himself (without his 2 brothers) that he will do anything! We had a great time. Tim and I have figured out this grandparenting thing-- they only spend the night one at a time. Unless there is a need for all 3 to spend the night. It's just a little harder with all three. We raised 3 kids, but we're a bit older now!

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Carrie P. said...

whoo! hoo! you are so good!!! I have added the linky thing to my post so you can link up your finishes.