Friday, April 22, 2011

The Joy of a Machine That Works Like It's Supposed to Work

I've had a nice Phaff Sewing Machine for more than a couple of years.  It gave me trouble from the start.  Finally, the place from which I bought it replaced it and I continued to have trouble with it.  It sewed "okay", but when it came to quilting the actual quilt sandwich, it was the machine from hell.  I spent more time cussing the machine than I did sewing.

But at last....

I took the machine to "another Phaff dealer" in Hennessey, OK.  Specifically, Prarie Quilts owned by Randa Parish.  She told me to bring it to her technician and she would guarantee that he'd have it singing like a bird in no time.  And was she ever right.  His name is Kent and I'll never take my machine elsewhere to be serviced.  He found a few things wrong that were causing the problems.  I'm wondering why those things were overlooked before.  Anyway,  I'm really happy with it and here is the first quilt I've quilted since it's been working like it should.


dianne said...

ooooo!!! look at his wee piggies!!! i love that boy, too!

and the quilt is WAAAAY cool!!!

ranette said...

Kent is a miracle worker for sure!
The quilt is very cute and I'm diggin' that striped binding! :)

Look how busy that little guy

Carrie P. said...

so glad you got your machine figured out. It is not fun to sew when it won't do what you think it should be doing.
Oh, the quilt is perfect.

Amy said...

Super cute quilt and love that little baby butt!