Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Times

What a day!  Leslie and I took a road trip to Hennessey, OK.  There's this guy--Kent.  He's special to me (now).  He tunes up sewing machines and he spent 2 hours tuning up mine.  It sings like a canary! 

And ya know what else?  Leslie and I got to shop at the store where he works while he did his magic.  That's
Prairie Quilts.  And do they ever have some lovely fabric (a bit of which found it's way into my car). 

Then...we drove home through Stillwater, OK, home of blogging buddy of mine, Ranette.  She met us at The Quilting Post (another fabulous shop) and we got to meet some of her friends and partners in quilting crime.
And then....SHE INVITED US TO HER HOME!   We got to see her quilting room(s) and many of her beautiful quilts.  Boy, was that fun! 

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera.  So for your viewing pleasure...
GRANDKIDS!  Doing what they do best....

Looking like his Aunt Dre and being cute.

Looking like his Uncle Aaron and being silly.

Looking like his Popple and reading a book.


Brooke said...

Holy cow! Gabe SO DOES look like Tim! I haven't seen him in a while, but that's crazy how much they look alike.

Miss you! :)

dianne said...

oh my gosh - he DOES look like his Popple!!! those boys just keep getting cuter and cuter!

did you see Ranette's Peppermint Twist in PERSON?!? and those gorgeous JanieBright blocks?!?

ranette said...

Ca-ute boys, all three of them!

It was tons of fun seeing you guys today! I just wish you both lived down the street from me so we could have fun together all of the time :)