Monday, January 24, 2011

The Things I've Been Working On

Cold winter days make me want to do nothing but make quilts.  Unfortunately, there are other things that HAVE to be done around here.  My long term projects have gotten pushed aside and I'm busy starting new things and finishing other smaller projects.

I made this 9 1/2" block for my guild's outgoing president.  She gets to choose the block.  Her choice was:  A 9 1/2" house block with green grass and blue skys--any kind.  And it had to be signed.  I signed mine in the smoke of the chimney.

I finished this little quilt last week for my friend Theresa's first grandbaby.  I gave it to her on Friday and the baby boy was born Sunday.  Good Timing!

It never hurts to throw in a little "Beatles" fabric.

Another bag.  These are so quick and easy.  Made for my friend Phyllis'  birthday.

Last week the two older boys had a day off school so we celebrated  with Mexican food.  Gabe had just returned from a Boy Scout campout in Kansas (as if it's not cold enough in Oklahoma!)  His mom was grateful that he was NOT one of the boys who had to call their parents to come get them for failure to follow the "DON'T  GO NEAR THE NEARLY FROZEN RIVER" rules.

Guess who's sitting up all by himself?  Wesley likes to come over and participate in afternoon "sew-ins" with his Mommy and Mama T.  I don't get much sewing done with a cutie like that around!

This is my mom's special black walnut ring.  When I was growing up she made it at least once a month.  This is the second time I've made it and it turned out just like hers this time.  Yummy!

Just a reminder of how good it was....and that I can't eat this EVERY DAY!  (I wish!)


Amy said...

What a cutie patutie that little Wesley is! Such a happy man!

Lista said...

I must have missed seeing that house block! That's really cute! I happen to think my boys are cute, too, but I'm biased!

dianne said...

love that house block - you are so clever (with the smoke) ... and the black walnut ring looks yummy ('cept i'd have to scrape off the walnuts or pay the consequences) - my mom used to make the most delicious applesauce cake in the whole wide world, but she wouldn't give me her recipe when she could, and now she can't - so, no cake for either of us ... good gosh, those boys just get cuter and cuter, don't they?!?

p.s. - maybe they'll name the new baby boy "Jude" and then everyone can say, "Hey, Jude!" when they see him ... i'm just sayin'

mj said...

That looks so cute nice post!

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