Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let the PARTIES begin!

Soon I'll be having another birthday.  It's one of those big birthdays with double digits that are the same number.  Makes me feel old.  But...parties help!  So let's party.  I had the first one of the "season" last week.
My stitch group met to finish up a bunch of charity quilts.  We had so many to finish up that we decided we should spend the night.  So our gracious hostess Emma let us sleep over at her house.

We had a party!
Coleen made this delicious chocolate cake. 
There were presents!
We played "Fat Quarter Craps"  (I didn't win)
I made popcorn and peanuts fried in bacon grease just like my dad used to make.  Yum Yum

And at some point amid all this partying, we finished 12 quilts.  We had started some of them at our retreat in April.  We also got 7 tops done.
Friday, the partying continues.  I'll have my whole family over to celebrate.  Tomorrow is my son-in-law's birthday, so I guess I'll share! haha  (He's worth it!)


ranette said...

Happy Birthday Teresa!!! What day is it, exactly???

Looks like you had a fun, fun time with all of your quilting buds and lots of pretty quilts finished...WooHoo....way to go!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

A quilting sleepover -- how fun! And look at all the pretty quilts you have to show for it!

June said...

Love the pictures. It was sure fun to get together....and to finally get these quilts finished so someone could enjoy them. It was so generous of Emma to share her home. Sorry I slept til 10am.

dianne said...

ooooo!!! double nickels - one of my most favorite years was when i was double nickles!!! happy, happy birthday!!!!!

(that's a lotta exclamation points - i must be excited for you)

forever said...

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