Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 I think it's about time for fall around here, although judging by the weather we've had lately, it's still summer.  But...the last couple of days have been cooler.  My mums are in full bloom ( the tree is still green).
 Some grandsons are happier than others.  Boys will be boys.  Gabe has a grasshopper in his hand and Timothy is mad about something.  Typical.  And the sun is too bright for everyone. 
 So...even though it feels like summer outside, I'm going to push the issue and decorate for fall inside.  Yes, I know I show this quilt every fall, but it's one of my favorites so you have to see it again.
Fall for me means....birthday!  Yes, another birthday party.  This time with the family and celebrating with my son-in-law Patrick whose birthday is 4 days before mine.  My daughter Calista made this huge and wonderful red velvet cake for us.  I have one more party coming up tomorrow at the Cotton Patch.  Then the "season" of my birthday will be over and we'll start thinking about Thanksgiving.....NO WAIT!!!

There's something else to think about before Thanksgiving.  I'm going to HOUSTON!  Yes, the International Quilt Show in Houston!  My bff  Leslie and I will be at the show for 2 days plus the pre-view.  We're so excited.  I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to show when I get back.


Carrie P. said...

Oh, what a great birthday present to give yourself, a trip to Houston.
Happy Birthday.
Love your fall leaves quilt.

Mama Koch said...

Happy Birthday! Have lots of fun in Houston..there's so much to see.

I was in your town yesterday. Drove up to Collinsville (I-44 construction is horrible) and then back down to Jenks to see a gal. It's a long trip but it's not a bad drive from out west here.

Lista said...

That last picture cracks me up. It's like Norman Rockwell on crack!