Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old Stuff

I was looking for something to post and came across these pictures of postcards I made back in 2006. I think they're pretty cute and I wish I would make some more of them because I mailed both of these to friends. But right now, I'm too excited to do much of anything... ...Tuesday is the day. I'll be a grandma--again. Or a "Mama T" as I'm called in this family.
Calista will be induced and I'll be taking care of her other two boys. I'm sure I'll be posting pictures by Wednesday. Stay tuned.


ranette said...

Love the new blog look...very fresh!

I'm excited to see pictures of the new little guy...big hugs to you all.

MamaT said...
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MamaT said...

Thanks, Ranette. I was ready for a change. And I did it all by myself (with no help from any kids! LOL)

dianne said...

okay - it's the 29th - where's that baby?!?

p.s. - your new look is sooo PUR-tee!