Friday, May 14, 2010

Another quilt knocked of the "to do" list

I've just finished baby Wesley's quilt (he's due July 1st). Calista and I made it together. She did a lot of the piecing and designing (adding the stars to the pattern). I did the applique and the quilting. In the meantime, we were making these little aprons. She finished two to give to her son Timothy's preschool teachers. Today is his last day of school and he'll put on a little show for us this afternoon (along with his classmates--but I'LL see ONLY him! ha) at his graduation. I think you could use this apron around the house for carrying your cell phone, quilting tools (thimble, rotary cutter, etc). Teachers could use them on the playground for holding band-aids, rubber gloves (in case of blood) and tissues. This one is mine and I think I'll give it to a friend for her birthday.
In addition to the quilt, I've been making burp cloths, and we plan to get started on bumper pads and curtains soon. Busy times.


dianne said...

i LOVE Wesley's quilt! it is sweet without being sappy and the colors are super!

Lista said...

I can't wait to get the room together! It looks like the boys will be moving into their new room tomorrow, and then we can finally start Wesley's room!

amysmack said...

I LOVE the new quilt! Super super cute! You Marler girls are so talented!!!