Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mile High (and more)

We spent last week in Colorado, first in Denver for a convention and other business that Tim had. We enjoyed the mountain air (even though it was quite chilly most of the time). After we left Denver we headed for Golden where I got to visit the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. Then we ended up in the little town of Leadville for a couple of days. We were at over 10,000 feet elevation so we found breathing to be a bit difficult. Here I am in front of the hotel we stayed at in Denver.

This is the Arkansas River in Silverthorn, Colorado. It's a lot prettier there than it is here in Tulsa. We stayed near where the Arkansas starts and is narrow enough to step across. The state is beautiful and full of God's wonders (and some very nice highway patrolmen). We got home in the wee hours of the night after only a short delay on the straightest, flatest, ugliest (did I say that?) part of Oklahoma. I'll just say that Tim's car CAN go REALLY fast!!! (There are no bathrooms out there and no bushes or ditches either!)


Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures, Is Tim photo shy? Phyllis

MamaT said...

Yes, he refuses to look into the camera, so I just stopped taking his picture.

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