Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meet TED. Ted is our yard ornament. Tim and Aaron bought him last fall despite my misgivings. He guards our front flower bed. Ted does not do well when "the wind comes sweeping down the plains" . It causes him to fall over and bump his head. I renamed the creeping flox because of Ted. It has become the CREEPY Flox. Isn't the creepy flox beautiful this year? Or at least IT WAS beautiful until today.

Ted doesn't like the snow. Neither does the creepy flox.

Ted was left with a snowcap by the end of the day. I think it looks rather suave and debonaire on him.
Did I mention that Ted has a solar panel in the top of his head? At night his eyes glow orange. CREEPY!!!


Brooke said...

He always freaks me out a little when we come over after dark. It's definitely the eyes!

Anonymous said...

where did they find this? This would be an AWESOME gift for my brother. I've been buying him holiday tree faces and am about to run out of ideas....this would be great.

MamaT said...

It came from Ace Hardware

Lista said...

Poor Ted. Poor flowers. Did they bounce back after the snow melted?