Monday, March 30, 2009

Auction items

This Friday night our church is having an auction/dinner/talent night. Proceeds will go to put a new roof on the building or to get new chairs that don't make rude noises when you shift your weight on them...
I made this little quilted table mat for the auction. It's completely machine made but the quilting in the middle looks hand done thanks to my new sewing machine.

Once again, my pictures are all out of order. I don't know what causes this. When I download them they are in the order that I want them. Then suddenly they get all out of order. Who can tell me what to do about that? Also, some of the pictures flip on their sides like the one of the inside of this purse! Help!!!

Here's the outside of the purse (also will be auctioned).

Close up of the quilting on the table mat.

And, at last, the full picture of the table mat.


Brooke said...

I love the purse! Turned out great!!!

I just realized I didn't call you back. I guess we were napping when you called. Josh told me about your message, but I was in the middle of washing dishes and by the time I was done I had forgotten... SORRY!

MamaT said...

I'll forgive you....this time. HA

Anonymous said...

I just love the purse!!! You are so talented. I really enjoy your blog.
~Jennifer Redenius~

MamaT said...

Thanks! I appreciate the comments.