Friday, January 23, 2009


Are there any old hippies out there reading this blog? If there are, you'll appreciate this...

We went to a Moody Blues concert right before Christmas. It was really fun to watch all those old people rocking out and singing along with those old people on stage. For old guys, they still looked pretty good and sounded great too. We took David and Leslie and Kevin C. and Mike H. joined us (they're not too old). I hope that when I'm that old I won't make a fool of myself (pretending I'm back in the 70's) like a lot of those old people did.
Surely, I'm not as old as they are!!!


Andrea said...

Mike H? Do you mean Morris H? I'm not an old hippy, but I might possibly be the daughter of an old hippy.

MamaT said...

Oh yeah, Morris H. went, too, along with Mike H. It's just that all those old people made me forget who all went!