Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching up on Christmas

Around our house we love the movie "White Christmas". We planned to have a White Christmas party this year, but time got away from us so we had our own private viewing. Andrea and Patrick joined us on Christmas eve and we dressed the parts. Here are my very own Bing Crosby (Tim, complete with hat from Vermont and pipe) and Danny Kaye (Aaron--hat from Vermont, too) I'm not as skinny as Vera and I don't dance. Come to think of it, I'm not blonde either nor do I look anything like her but I am wearing my cape from Vermont. So...there you have it!

Did I mention that Andrea knows every word to every song in White Christmas and also has all the dialog memorized? Did I also mention that she sings along with all the songs and talks along with all the dialog? Not that it annoys anyone or anything like that!


Andrea said...

Whatever. You know that you like to hear the whole movie in sterio! It adds to the experience. What you all missed was Patrick and I dancing the entire routine of "The Best things Happen While You're Dancing" in your kitchen. Specifically the part on top of the boat.

MamaT said...

Where was I when that was going on? And oh yeah of course we love hearng the whole thing in stereo. You're just paying us back for singing along with the bouncing ball when you were younger. ha