Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Every year around this time I start wondering where all the time has gone since Thanksgiving. I had such good intentions. We always plan to have a "White Christmas party" where we invite people over to view the movie "White Christmas" with us. I always plan to make lots of cookies and goodies like I used to make and take them around to all our neighbors (whom I still haven't met). Then there are all the sewing projects. I remember when I used to stay up past midnight on Christmas eve finishing them. Sigh... Now I have one day left and lots of presents to wrap for our grandchildren and there was no party and no goodies and the projects are still undone. We are going to Missouri to spend a few days with our parents who have not been well. We're so thankful for the family and friends that we have and maybe next year I'll get around to doing all those things I want to do. So here's the latest undone project. I displayed it the day after Thanksgiving and had intended to continue making the little quilted numbers to change it every day. It's still displayed and still says "27 Days 'til.... Ha ha Maybe next year!


marti said...

I know the feeling. I too have desired to party with friends but it never seems to happen!

You are so talented. I love the work your doing. I haven't made a thing all year. Isn't that just horrible? I hope to find the time and the energy on the same day!

Lista said...

If only you could have stopped the ACTUAL calendar 27 days from Christmas, we all would have gotten a lot more done! Oh, well, Christmas was fantastic anyway! :o)